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What IT Services and IT Solutions Can Cross Net Help You With?
  • Uptime Managed Services
  • Uptime VOIP Phone Services
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Information & Cybersecurity
  • Office 365
  • IT Consulting




Our premier service solution, UPTIME Managed Services, is designed to actively manage all your operational…

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With our Cloud PBX there is no need to worry about management and installation. Installation & Config…

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No business owner wants to think of a catastrophic data loss or what might happen if their systems go down…

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You see it in the news almost every day – another data breach exposing sensitive company and customer…

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Through Microsoft Office 365, we offer a complete email and work solution that gives you superior email…
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Under this line item, we provide a whole lot of services as a full package. Everything that a company typically needs on a daily service. Here are some of the very typical tasks we would provide.

Helpdesk services would be like my PC is not starting, not printing or very slow, etc. We would remote in if we could or schedule a site visit on the same day or next day and take care of that issue

When you onboard or offboard an employee we would have the PC / Laptop and other devices ready for the new employee or we can secure all accounts and PC/laptops of the existing employee.

We also assist with ensuring backups and or related tasks occur and monitor them on a daily basis. We get alerts if something goes amiss and we take corrective action in the background. With our IT Company Manchester services, you can count on us.

If any PC or hardware is broken and needs replacement all the labor is included.

We charge by the seat of the employee so just in case you have a downturn and lose employees our service cost also goes does. If your business excels and we wish it does and you hire more employees, our prices increase based on the predetermined costs.

What’s not included: Any physical move to another location and or project work for IT Company Manchester.

Location move is self-explanatory which is if you move your office from one location to another. Example of Project work would be if you decide to move from one CRM to another or G Suite to Office 365 and engaged us to assist you in the migration process. If a Pc is broken or old and replaced we don’t charge labor but if mass upgrades are done for Servers and PC it will be charged separately.

Uptime VOIP Phone Services – What Does This Include?

Collaboration and Teamwork

Calls can be very easily routed to various teams. There are many options from ring all, to ring round-robin or least called team member. Members can me assigned to queues and unassigned. Managers and team members can see at any time who is on the phone and how many callers are on hold etc. What a cool detail with IT Company Manchester services.

Video and Conference Calling

3CX our VoIP solution includes a powerful video conferencing feature. This allows for face to face meetings and screen share and more for no extra fee. With 3CX, you can invite people via email to easily joing meetings without complex signup process. They do not need to download anyting to join the meeting, all they need is the custom link you email them and they need a browser like Chrome, Edge or Firefox. There are free apps available for smart phones.

Phone App

3cx has a phone app that can be used to receive and make calls. So no need to call forward extensions as you can make and receive calls right from your app. You can also see who in your office is on a call. You can also text from the phone app.

Business Continuity

We are using a hosted solution and can restore your system to another cloud provider within 15 minutes if there is an complete outage in the datacenter which is extremely rare. We have 2 providers for the dial tone or SIP. If your office has no power or internet you can work from home or any other location as long as you have internet and power. You can use smart phone app over your data plan as well.

Integrates with Third-party Apps.

There are a vast number CRM as well as Office 365 integration that are in place with our VoIP solution. Here is a list of ever growing list of CRM’s

  • 1C CRM 
  • Everyone CRM
  • MS Dynamics 365
  • Salesforce
  • Amo CRM
  • Freshdesk
  • mongoDB
  • vtiger
  • Bitrix24
  • Freshsales
  • SQL Databases
  • Zendesk
  • Connectwise
  • Hubspot
  • Nutshell
  • ZOHO


Data Backup & Recovery

We utilize a white labelled Backup solution which we can tailor to your specific IT Company Manchester needs unlike some other products that are not only expensive but are rigid in the way they work.

We can backup Servers and workstations, Office 365, GSuite, and NAS as well. We can make local or Cloud backups or both. We have a secure app in the Cloud for Backups.

We can monitor the Backups via a Web portal, get alerts for failed backs as they happen and also have an app by which we can monitor all the backups.


Information & Cybersecurity

As an information technology company, our role is — INFORMATION. And we supply the most efficient, quick and easy way for your team to access information using the most innovative technology that matches your business, IT Company Manchester needs, and budget. It’s not enough to provide the Information Technology solution. We also help with cybersecurity. Keep what you have. Protect your customers. Learn how you are subject to certain cybersecurity threats that you may not be aware of. Utilizing Cyber CNS, our clients can expect the following

  •  Deep asset discovery for Windows, SNMP, UPNP, ZeroConf, SSH
  •  User analysis, computer analysis, active directory policies, password policies, and user behavior tracking
  •  Risk assessment – vulnerabilities, missing patches, application vulnerabilities, software reports, asset and company risk scores
  •  And so much more


Office 365 

We have standardized on Windows, Office 365 platform for many reasons. This platform is owned and operated by Microsoft. Since they are the producer of the MS Office and Email etc it is best to work directly with Services and Hosting by Microsoft.

It allows for support and upgrades and updates from Microsoft directly. As security patches and upgrades are released Microsoft automatically applied by micro


IT Consulting

Do you have a complex IT infrastructure that needs to be moved from on-premises to Cloud or from one Cloud to another Cloud Service provider?

Do you need a complete revamp of infrastructure or move to new facilities.?

Do you need to be more secure or compliant with HIPPA or financial compliance like Sarbanes Oxly or similar compliance? 

We can help in all the above endeavors should you need any of these including various other IT Company Manchester services..


Don’t wait. Request a call today. At Cross Net Inc., we always want to make our clients and customers our top priority. You will immediately see the results of our expertise, the very first time you call.