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Cross Net Inc. Gives Back to Harmony Home

Love Thy Neighbor…


Harmony Home Give Back Partners with Cross Net Inc.

Cross Net exists to serve God by serving our neighbors. Our immediate neighbors are employees and we help them to find gainful work to help them prosper. This implies employees that are given an opportunity to advance their career and help clients with all off their IT needs, through the ​​IT Company Manchester provider with a purpose. But, our neighbors also include the less fortunate and those that need a second or third, or maybe even a fourth chance to be of value in society. Here is where Harmony Home comes into play. At Cross Net Inc., we have chosen to partner with them to help our fellow less fortunate neighbors in every way possible.

Cross Net IT Company Manchester Harmony Home

Cross Net IT Company Manchester Harmony Home

Every time we have a new client sign up with our IT Company Manchester Team here at Cross Net, a portion of proceeds are given to Harmony Home in a consistent manner to help with the needs of neighbors in the Manchester, New Hampshire area and surrounding locations. Each new client gives back to Harmony Home not only financially, but as our company grows, we are also providing jobs. At Cross Net, we are intentional about hiring a team that aligns with more than just IT. We like our employees to be involved in the community, while working to a cause greater than themselves.

Cross Net founder Ashish goes with the Harmony Home team and he finds great joy helping the Harmony Home team with distribution of food and water. Ashima’s ( Ash’s wife) is helping decorate the new home that has been recently moved into. Ash and Ashima not only donate funds and material items, but they also give their time to this ministry. This is not only Ash and Ashima’s way to give back to the Kingdom, but it is also a way that the Cross Net team can get involved helping the community in ways that go beyond the day-to-day of an IT Company Manchester traditional expectations.

Get to Know Our Owners and Their Heart – Ashish and Ashima Samuel

What is Harmony Home All About? – Introducing Harmony Home


Harmony House Photo 1Harmony Home Ministry focuses on helping those individuals and people who suffer with addictions to find true freedom, and even real change in lifestyle to have a sustained freedom from past addictions. Some of those ways include sponsoring their rehab, transportation, giving them a bike, helping them find a job, helping them pay first weeks rent and deposit in a room and get a reset in life.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has something in their life they must overcome. In 2020, Harmony Home sent eighty people to rehab and they continue to make transformative change in the lives of people daily. Cross Net Inc. is proud to be a partner in this incredible effort.




Harmony House Photo 2Harmony Home will engage with people that are homeless by helping with basic needs like food, water, clothing, and shelter. They engage with the people and show compassion.

Then slowly as the relationship builds, they help identify if the person is ready for changing their lifestyle and habits. If they are, Harmony Home will raise money for rehab, rent, transportation and more. At Cross Net Inc., the mission of our company is to become the one source solutions amongst all other IT Company Manchester providers that helps businesses increase productivity while saving money for our clients by cutting costs for IT support.

The goal for the individuals and the team within Cross Net is much greater. Our goal is to use our talents and skills to further the Kingdom, and Harmony Home is a way that we are able to give back in a way that is bigger than ourselves.

How Can You Giveback?

Harmony Home makes it very easy for people just like you to giveback. However, I encourage you to do more. Volunteering your time, money, or goods to the charity of your choice is great. To learn more, visit ​​ to see how you can get involved. More importantly, it’s important to be smart with who you do business with. As business owners, we have the capacity to change the world for the worse, or for the better. One customer you help and minister to, can also lead to five other people who needed something good to happen with their day. Mentoring employees has a “water ripple” effect if you will, in pouring into the lives of everyone they meet. A giveback with the right company can also do wonders. Volunteering and giving back with your time and resources is giving back to the Kingdom in a powerful way. So does being smart about who you choose to spend your money with. At Cross Net, we love giving back. We encourage you to do the same. Make sure you take inventory of companies you do business with and ask yourself, in what ways are they giving back? Are they giving back to a cause that aligns with your principles, or not? Are they giving back at all? These are important questions to ask yourself when looking for any kind of ​​IT Company Manchester has to offer.