There are many types of malicious software that we see as an IT company Manchester wide solution for small and medium sized businesses. Most common malicious software is a virus. This piece of software (virus) can cause adverse effects on the functioning of the PC. Another type of malicious software potentially unwanted program also known as PUP. This kind of software can range from being malicious as to slow down pc or sending private information usually marketing data to a remote server. Basically, they gather market intelligence to sell or market products and services tailored to your preferences. Last but not the least there is Ransomware. This is the most dangerous and most malicious software. There are 2 components for this malicious software. One side it will encrypt all the data files like word, excel and also database files. What this means is that it changes the file to be secured with a password which you do not have and hence have no access to the files anymore. They may also send these files to an undisclosed server and if they have private information like employee data etc., they can threaten to release the data to dark web which is a potential risk for identity theft.

So how does this happen in the first place? Great news.. your favorite IT company Manchester provider is here with the answers.  Some common ways this happens is happens is via email, websites you may visit and least of all USB sticks that you plug in to the PC which you may have got from unknown sources. Most common way this works is what is commonly referred as social engineering. This means bad guys will have links to bad websites that look like a website you may visit like but is a fake website. Same they will send an email from what appears to be a co-worker, friend or known contact but is really not. They will craft the email in such a way will appear urgent and from your boss and need to take action now. You get the picture this is how they bait you to click on a link or open an email attachment and so on.

Once this is accomplished, the website or attachment will run application on your PC and start encrypting files. It will also try and find other PC on the network and try to compromise them as well. They can run sophisticated applications to decode passwords of anyone that has ever logged into the pc including administrator logins. This is when it helps having the top IT company Manchester solutions, like Cross Net.

The main goal of ransomware perpetrator is to procure funds from victim to return files back to original state. The bad actors will leave a message on the infected PC on instructions to wire the money via cryptocurrency. They found they had to setup tech support to get non tech savvy people to send then the funds via cryptocurrency. They found out they had to spend extra money to get the funds as they were scamming non tech savvy persons who even if willing to send the money were not able to.

Cross Net provides IT company Manchester services to protect in Manchester, NH and Bedford NH area.

Best option to protect your files and pictures is also store them in the cloud like google drive or iCloud drive. If your PC is infected just reset to factory or get it reset by a tech and download all the files and pictures from cloud. Another way is to backup all the files daily to the cloud. If infected just restore the PC to factory state and restore all the files.

Now a days there is spam filter and Chrome and other browsers have protections. If they are warning about a website or spam email just don’t go to that website and or open the attachment.

We at cross net, an IT company Manchester based solution provide all the above solutions and expertise in this matter. We have spam filters, backup solution and Anti-Ransomware solutions that can help small and medium size companies.

There is no guarantee if you pay you will get your data back but there is honor among thieves as they know if the word gets out they don’t pay then no one will trust and pay them. You can pay at your own risk and we do not encourage it. We prefer you take all precautions like employee training, virus and ransomeware protection, spam filters and more.

There has been cities halls that have been attached, police dept, and in the recent past a shipping company and its ships were attacked with a notpeteya virus that wreaked havoc on the shipping company and industry at large,

The latest trend as you may now is that all devices can be connected to internet. This is also called iot or Internet of Things. So a vacuum cleaner, fridge, alexa, google voice and more can be connected. Hence they are also open to hacks. There have been some hacks and these are harder to detect as people don’t know and or fix without reporting to authorities. Always keep all devices and PC, laptops, phones up to date with security patches and fixes that are already well know and documented.

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