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Who We Are?

At Cross Net Incorporated, we make sure to deliver the highest quality level of IT Company Bedford service for small and medium-sized businesses for IT Solutions. We specialize in increasing efficiency using technology and streamlining your entire system to work better for your team. The end result creates a better customer experience for you and a better experience for your entire team!

What Benefits Does a Cross Net Partnership Mean for You?
  • Fast Response Time
  • Decrease Overhead Costs
  • The Ultimate IT Solution
  • Increase Productivity
  • Peace of Mind
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Our Story

Cross Net caters to small and medium sized businesses that cannot do without IT Services as their business runs off PC’s and Internet. We provided outsourced IT Services as if we were an internal employee or IT department of the client. This gives clients the confidence of a reliable IT Company Manchester IT Service, products and process whether it is onboarding new staff, day to day helpdesk issues or even optimizing productivity using technology solutions throughout the day.

Meet the Owner

Cross Net has the utmost, very humble beginnings. Ash lost his job in 2002 due to the dot com bust that was followed by September 11th. The company that Ash worked for lost almost all clients on his side of business, and he was the last employee to be laid off before they closed the doors of that division. 

Unable to find another job and determined to provide food on the table to his family, Ash started fixing computers for small businesses and subcontracted his services with small companies.

One thing lead to another, and by May of 2003, Cross Net, Inc. was officially launched. We started doing break fix project work which was sporadic at best. Within a couple of years, we realized we needed a source of steady work and reliable, consistent income. Clients needed a steady reliable IT Company that would not take days, or even hours to respond for any IT Company Bedford needs. Way before everyone else, Cross Net decided to march down the path of allowing package options of a fixed monthly fee, while also providing unlimited support which is not termed as Managed Services, and has a few variations depending on which company you talk to.

Ash Samuel

Ash founded Cross Net in 2003. A first-generation immigrant, he had previously worked for several large U.S. companies including General Electric.

Cross Net initially provided IT Company Manchester contract IT services for large corporations, but Ash saw a clear need for small businesses to have access to the same quality IT support larger companies were enjoying. He shifted his focus to managed IT for small businesses to meet that need, offering unlimited IT support to his clients for a fixed monthly fee.

Over the last 25 years, Ash and the Cross Net team have developed a strong reputation for small business and IT expertise, prompt service, and affordability for IT Company Manchester services. Ash has made sure Cross Net has stayed ahead of the technology curve, helping many companies transition to leaner, safer, and smarter IT solutions. Today, Cross Net serves hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses across New England and even as far west as Chicago and Oklahoma. Ash looks forward to speaking with you about your company’s IT support needs.

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Annette Phillips

Annette joined the CROSSNET team in 2022 as Office administrator and HR. She comes with years of experience in Customer service in Retail. Annette’s positive and friendly attitude and willingness to help all is admirable. She always makes sure things are running smoothly at Crossnet.

Noreen Bertolino

Noreen has worked for Cross Net since 2015, specializing in customer relations, new accounts, and social media outreach.

She manages her own client group, working directly with customers on support needs and quality assurance. Noreen brings with her 18 years of corporate account management with Marriott/Sodexho prior to joining Cross Net. While there, she earned certification in a number of business operations including time management, labor optimization, and cost analysis. She also worked as a certified personal trainer.
Noreen’s clients know her for her honesty, integrity, follow-up, and strong personal faith. She is married with five children and three grandchildren and some day would love to take the whole extended family on a vacation together. Noreen is always happy to connect with new businesses and share what Cross Net can offer.

Noreen Bertolino
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Erick Biedrzycki

Erick joined Cross Net in 2018. He manages many of the core support functions for clients including monitoring backups, managing updates, keeping antivirus software current, and quickly responding to your urgent support needs.

Clients appreciate Erick for his troubleshooting ability and patience in tracking down root causes for network issues. Erick comes from a large family. Not surprisingly, given time to do anything he wants to, it would be relaxing in a quiet mountain cabin overlooking a peaceful lake on a vacation together.

Kenny Hollingsworth

Kenny has 5 years of IT customer support and puts forward great effort when seeking to help clients. When it comes to his work, he is very detail-oriented and always willing to go the extra mile. During his free time, Kenny likes to build computers, play music, and spend time with family. He also likes to spend a copious amount of time with his sweet pet pig Donut. Kenny is motivated to find creative solutions to meet clients needs and take on any challenge that is presented to him. Among his many skills Kenny is well versed with a vast set of consumer and business technologies.

Noreen Bertolino

Brendan Enwright

Brendan joined Cross Net in 2022, his past experience includes time as a Data Systems Administrator in the United States Marine Corp. During his down time Brendan enjoys playing videos games, hiking and golfing.

Isaac Campbell

Graduating from SNHU with a degree in digital marketing in 2015, he has worked in corporate sales for internationally renowned businesses and done freelance web work for over 5 years. With a deeply artistic background and lifestyle, he is eager to make his mark on the world and help you make yours!

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The Trusted IT Experts with Solutions for YOU!

As you can see, our team has a major passion for supporting businesses with all of their IT Company Bedford services and needs. Between our experience, honesty, and enthusiasm – you can rest assured that from the very first interaction with Cross Net Incorporated, you are our highest priority.